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Narrow Road 
Ken Hill & Tony Gee
EM Gauge - 18.2mm – 4mm:1ft

Both the name and the design of the layout are corruptions of Broad Street, the terminus of the North London Railway. The station itself is based on one half of the real thing. The goods yard and locomotive shed are our own additions.

The aim of the layout is to show the intensive operation of a busy city terminus. There are suburban services to three destinations plus long distance expresses and a freight service.

A timetable has been drawn up, which we hope will give all the operators a clue as to what should be happening and will help us keep things running. 

For our purposes, we have decided that the LNWR made most use of the station (they did use the “other half” of the real Broad Street) and that the Midland and the Great Northern Railways also operate some services. We have set the period of the layout at about 1925, give or take a year or two. This enables us to run much stock still in the old liveries, along with examples in the new LMS livery.

Most of what is on view was built by the two of us in about 12 months, although many others have helped and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Narrow Raod Track Plan

Viewing Side 24’ scenic (plus 8’ fiddle yard )